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    Plz ban CaptainSparklez



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    Plz ban CaptainSparklez

    Post by PokemonElijahTDC on Mon Aug 18, 2014 4:46 pm

    Theres A Guy Named CaptainSparklez who just joined the server (and yes i dont mean the youtube hes a fake) i went to hub and did /whois on him i saw him looking at the staff board then he left. Then Rex Came on i did /whois on him and it wasnt Rex Himself on his account it was CaptainSparklez! (i knew because of his IP) The IP of CaptainSparklez and Rex31056 were identical! plz ban CaptainSparklez He May Be trying to attack, ddos or give himself ranks plz ban him! He May Try To Ruin The Server!

    Proof: (i took some screen shots of chat Notice The IP's Are Exatcly The Same)

    Image 1 -

    Image 2 -

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